I'm a UX Designer with 5 years experience in consumer products. I grew up on the East Coast and attended Tufts and The Museum School with no grades and no majors. I currently live in Palo Alto and work across web, iOS, Android, AR/VR, design systems, or offline experiences, depending on what the research and problem calls for.

The industries I enjoy are photo/video, fintech, mental health, education, and more. I am looking for teams that value collaboration, ethics, and diversity. Let's connect! 🎉


Video: Microsoft for Startups, Gfycat + Microsoft.


450M+ Eyes on Inclusion

Last summer at Meitu, I met my goal of 100 million+ views in one day for a new East + West UI, and a trend that I named "AR Glam". In total, Meitu has 450 million+ monthly active users across 23 apps. I globally improved 23 apps by convincing engineering to add people of color and westerners in the ML training algorithms (without using private data). I was also the first person to add black models to Meitu's brand. Then in my 2 week visit to Xiamen, I held a user research presentation about how we may be able to resolve conflicting user expectations to gain more global marketshare. A few teams wanted to work with me, and I ended up sticking with the MakeupPlus team of about 8 designers, 2 PM's, and a few engineers. I made several iterations of IxD and UI designs by myself - and also collaboratively, then I taught the team how to set up global remote usability studies, so we didn't have to argue amongst ourselves. At first the team was skeptical, but over time we grew to be best friends and we found new ways to build out the features that global partners and all types of end-users actually wanted to use.

Makeup brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Lime Crime, GLAMGLOW, Stila, and Clarins came pouring in to have MakeupPlusApp represent their products in "M+ Counter" digital makeup try-on and "AR Glam" interactive filters, and the user retention rates were booming thanks to having addressed the top user concerns, pushing my team to #1 at Meitu for global revenue generation.


How might we design ethical Artificial Intelligence?

At Gfycat, we are bringing GIFs into the 21st century. We've gone from 100M -> 180M monthly active users in my time here. I am an inventor on several patents pending. I work closely with the CEO, 1 other designer, about 10 engineers, and a 3 person marketing and biz dev team, across Web, iOS, Android, keyboards, or integrations such as Facebook, Gmail, and Metaverse to name a few.

One story I am proud of, is that I advocated against non-consensual AI porn on our platform, to open up more discussions around Ethical AI in the world. With much lawyer head-scratching at first, we agreed, and then Reddit, P*rnhub, and Twitter followed, proving validation for this important UX decision. Next at Gfycat, I will be chipping away at systems design for a more cohesive brand and work flow.


User Experience Designer

Potomac, MD


Hiking and dot-grid notebooks.

Weather anomalies and onion rings.

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