I was the first UX/UI designer for Meitu in the US, working closely with core product in China, across 3 apps. My challenge (and success) was in communicating the difference between design standards in the East vs. West, and adapting to a more inclusive and modern design to localize for Global. I achieved this best with re-designing MakeupPlus.

I taught usability testing skills to the team in China. This led to some focus and cost savings, but more importantly, invaluable empowerment to my co-workers who now make less assumptions about Global users. I also ran a 5-Day Google Sprint in our LA office, as you can see from these lovely artifacts. "This was the best day at work I have ever had," one co-worker remarked.

Another achievement in the first 3 months was a new research and design proposal by me on mental health awareness and physical safety while taking selfies, which will run in October. This will become part of our #SheUnites campaign, so that Meitu can donate proceeds to The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.




I greatly enjoyed my time working as a Designer at Minted. I was quickly promoted to the Photo Editor team. I edited about 10,000 photos in my time at Minted, including 3 celebrities! From a couple seconds, or up to 3 hours per photo. I was also then entrusted with full wedding suites, digital luxury prints, and specialty overflow projects such as painted maps. Then I trained our Philippines team of 6 remotely, for our custom silhouettes. While the work is under NDA due to the nature of customer's information, these pictures below represent the attention to detail expected.



Gold Star - Be Happy

With my husband, we built and deployed an app from scratch on the topic of happiness to the iOs App Store. Currently we aren't paying for the servers, but this was a really fun project. My favorite part (besides designing the graphics and interactions) was creating a Typeform and then mailing out letters with custom doodles, candy, and stickers to our 50 beta testers to say "Thanks!"



Savant Recall

Savant Recall: Photographic Digital Memory was a working MVP for a new way of searching anything you've ever seen on your screen. It debuted at YC Hacks 2014, and the code was open sourced a couple of years later.  We received an interview at Y Combinator in Winter 2015 and were honored to be turned down with some good advice by Paul Buchheit, the lead developer and creator of Gmail! I was responsible for the UX/UI, logo, and all community outreach on this project.




Peppermint was the winner of AngelHack SF 2014. A B2B platform to rate and improve on sales pitches, or use the Android app to get quick feedback on any type of pitch. I was responsible for the UX/UI, graphics, and demo. (This was before I knew what "UX" even was!)



Contests on

For a while I was entering contests on 99Designs to improve my graphic design skills, what feels like oh so long ago. Here is a rough image of the winning screenshots, including a design created for the teenage "bitcoin millionaire" for his education platform called Botangle. A company which he later sold for $100,000.